Terms of livestock Supply by Pashubajaar


  1. The livestock should have a fix (quotation) age (teeth), weight (empty stomach), body size (length, height, girth) and color.
  2. The animal should meet the health check as determined by the company.
  3. Purchase and sale should be on the basis of a live weight.
  4. In the weight for pricing of livestock (8 percent of the small breed and large breed (10 percent in excess of 25 kg) will be deducted.
  5. In the case of non-reduction, 18 hours will be kept without feed & water.
  6. Livestock tagging will be done by company's tag. The seller will be responsible for vaccination and deworming, which must be given to the evidence.
  7. The payment by the buyer will be in the company's account and the company will do the payment to the trader’s bank Account after the buyer's satisfaction.
  8. The company will provide the trader’s kit to a trader after the success of the first order.
  9. The trader will be ordered only after 3 day training by the Pashu bajaar.
  10. The trader has to purchase at least one order or purchase 60 goats from his own investment.
  11. The trader has to deposit a security money of Rs 10,000. If traders fail to supply or meet criteria of goats in 30 days post order given, security deposit will be ceased and order may be given to other registered trader.
  12. Company reserves right to use photos of goat & and the he trader will be free to use the name & photo of the Pashubajaar Market in its promotion as per Pahubajaar guideline.
  13. Any dispute arising out of this transaction will be solved through mutual discussion or by a panel of mutually selected persons. In case of dispute, not resolved Lucknow will be place of jurisdiction.