About Us

Pashubajaar.com is a project of The Goat Trust to provide opportunity to livestock farmers to share their saleable products with other farmers and traders so that an economic and effective mechanism in livestock sales can be promoted. The Goat Trust is registered as charitable trust and have mission to support small livestock farmers in using modern pro poor technologies for enhancing their livelihoods and life quality.

About the Goat Trust

The Goat Trust is registered as charitable trust (in 2008 at Lucknow) to promote small livestock (Goat/sheep/ Backyard birds rearing) based livelihood through demystifying production technology, build institutions and promote standard of marketing and linkage across the globe. It is mandated to grow as a resource organization to work on development of pro poor small livestock farming systems, technologies and market development through collaboration and networking with various stakeholders.


The Goat Trust has been resulted as an experiential learning process of a few development professionals engaged in livelihood promotion for women farmers and women led grass root organizations over a decade. It was registered to provide individual stray effort and struggle with small livestock based livelihood issues, a platform to promote cross learning, further accentuate action research to generate knowledge, experiences and make it available to larger set of players within and outside India.


We envision a non exploitative society with equity and equality where hard working farming communities especially farm women gets due economic and social return and are able to live life with dignity and confidence.


Demystify and enhance access to content appropriate farm technologies, adopt sustainable farm management principles, create and nurture pro poor service delivery models, build institutions and help such institutions to incubate and grow a poor friendly marketing systems to make small livestock farming a reliable dignified complementary livelihood source for millions of rural & peri urban women in developing countries.

Pashubajaar.com operation is managed by NN Breeds & Seeds India Private Limited on behalf of The Goat Trust.