About Us

Pashubajaar is a holding of The Nandi Nandan Breeds & seeds India Pvt. limited.

All marketing activity is handled by the marketing team of the Nandi Nandan Breeds & seeds India Pvt limited while technical support is provided by The Goat Trust team.

The following are our products -

  1. Live goat for breeding & farming
  2. Live goat for Bakra Eid, religious sacrifice
  3. Live goats as quality breed to external demand
  4. Goat meat for local demand
  5. Goat manure as packaged product for urban dwellings
  6. Goat milk soap and beauty/cosmetic products

The Marketing team acts as an enabler to provide good productivity of goat throughout the year, on the basis of live body weight & grading base estimation.. This is the first company in India facilitating the live body weight sales & purchase towards building a transparent marketing system.

Our ecosystem spans Pashudhan Bank (working for micro leasing of goats with ultra-poor families), Commercial Goat farmers as well as non-commercial farmers (individual purpose)

We also help in providing productive goats to the government & non-government projects, that are especially working on goat based livelihood for uplifting ultra-poor families.

Currently we are dealing with multiple breeds; Local breed, Black Bengal, Barbari, Sirohi, Jamunapari, Betal, Osmanabadi & Gaddi

The Socio-Economic Vision of NN Breeds

From a Market development point-of-view, NN Breeds aims -

  1. To provide the quality of breeds through the project working area.
  2. To make transparent value chain system of small livestock sale with live body weight estimation.
  3. To suggest only those breeds which will easy to rear & survive at same environment.
  4. To minimize the risk of goat mortality.

From a medical standardization point-of-view we aim to provide-
The general checkup of goat that is done by the goat trust technical staff.
Complete vaccination and de-worming is be done by the technical team.
Health sheet is prepared by the Vet Doctor.

Our differentiators -

  1. First company to develop live body weight trade equation and standardization with field testing with over 1000 goat farmers.
  2. First social enterprise to establish Community based procurement system to transfer 90% cost to rural goat farmers.
  3. Progeny and production record maintenance for breeding elite buck supply
  4. Provide training to community and tracking the survival of goats and bucks
  5. A dedicated team of over 50 professionals to support technical and management input

Our Uniqueness as a Social enterprise –

  1. Procurement and supply on actual live body weight
  2. Complete health check and incubation before delivery of each goat
  3. Vaccination under strict cold Chain for major diseases and de-worming of goats
  4. The resistivity of goats enhanced through herbal Formulations.
  5. Physical parameter standardization of length and girth to maintain quality parameters of goat breeds
  6. Tagging of each goat to have proper record, price and productivity monitoring
  7. Health certified by qualified in house veterinarian and insurance linkages support.
  8. Production /progeny history of breeding bucks.
  9. Artificial insemination supports
  10. On-site paid visits.
  11. The company provides training towards acclimatization support to ensure the success of commercial farms and development projects.