Bakra Eid - bottom

You don’t need to visit the crowded livestock market place from now as there is no assurance of the health condition of the buck. Here you will receive each Bakra with a health certificate from the licensed veterinarian as proof of the disease-free and healthy condition. Moreover, you will get a live body weight scale for the Bakra for Qurbani that ensures transparency in the system. Whether you want Jamunapari or a Beetal; we assure you the best quality buck to fulfill your necessity of this Bakra Eid.    

We are the one of a kind online shop of healthy bucks that will be delivered at your doorstep in Lucknow. This impossible job is done by Pashu Bajaar the one and only livestock e-commerce platform in India.  We understand the emotional value attached to the Bakra Eid and ensure the safety of our buyers always.