Bakra Eid Mubarak

Bakra Eid is just around the corner. In 2020, this festival will be observed from the evening of 30 July to the evening of 31st July. Muslims all over the world have started the preparation for this most sacred and joyous celebration of the year. This ‘festival of sacrifice’ is the most auspicious occasion where they spread happiness, love, and care to others as well. Every face is brimming with joy and excitement. Whether it is the new dress or the gift; the reason for happiness is all over.

Goat is considered to be ATM for poor as it has multiple utilities such as providing milk, meat and at the same time being a very liquid asset that could be sold anytime to provide liquidity to a family of the owner.

Post Dadri, there had been quite a debate on the above issue. We propose to Vote for goats as National Animal of India, We have following logic for national integration and communal harmony – Goat is one of the first domesticated animals since Human civilization so in all probability our ancestors found some strong logic for survival. Goat is herbivorous (pure vegetarian) and meek (highly docile) animal, even in its wild form it’s not dangerous. Its spread is far more from the high Himalayas to desert to dense forest and delta region. Serves both in flood and drought alike. If fed well and under good management can provide milk as can be milked number of times in a day (Milk[…]

Some professions like a butcher, small livestock traders, goat grazers, cleaners, and street sweepers, truck drivers due to various social reasons hardly get recognized for their professional services and most often seen with low social status. The Goat Trust sample-based study in U.P and Chhatisgarh showed that only 12% of Goat traders have bank accounts and had done any transaction through banks. Only 3% had accessed credits from a bank for goat trading. As goat trading is a cash-based trade. Low capital most often leads to low procurement and to recover the human cost, procurement price has to be kept low. A study in the MPOWER project area of western Rajasthan showed that Goat Trader takes credit from bulk goat[…]

Diversity of India in terms of geographical, natural, social, and cultural resources provides a challenge to test out absolute knowledge and technology, a local test, and adaptation have done by farmers themselves to enhance the adoption of new practices. The Shepherding school (Bakari Paalak Paathshaala) concept led by The Goat Trust has tested this idea and principle to change goat farming practices with some success and still needs a lot of sincere effort. Here the major role of the facilitator is to design an experiment and 16 major learning exercises had been designed through tools like flex and games. Goat farming women were facilitated to one major problem they are facing and want a solution. In some cases, the facilitator[…]

Fuel collection as on average consumes 20% of rural women’s time and adversely affects life quality as distant places and in summer heat has to be health hazards. As for ultra-poor families keeping large livestock is getting difficult (Cow dung cake is a preferred fuel in remote rural areas), a serious question was how to use part goat dung manure as dung cake and what could be its shape and size for effective burning and easy handling. Background research has shown that goat dung has almost 4 times more calorific (heat) value than cow dung cake (11.02 and 3.9 Kcal/kg respectively). Challenge was shape and consistency to make goat dung as cake which can be stored and easily used as[…]

Goat is a symbolic animal to represent the status of “Rural India” – Stoic, gives without expecting much in return, hardly harms unless it’s beyond the limit, consumes less of energy/cost, produces small but consistently. Like Goat, villages sacrifice and get exploited for someone’s greed. Blamed for environment degradation by Urban people who pours sewage in river, Contribution through food production critical but overlooked by term GDP, Everybody knows the truth but enjoys silence. Goats and Rural India have many similarities in terms of status, contribution, and mainstream perception, and hence one year back when we thought to name magazine “MY Goat ” MY Village” found a correlation……. Our village is a micro-world in itself and each village has its[…]

Goat and dairy sub-sector study in Chhattisgarh (Sponsored by State Institute of Rural Development) brought one strong point strongly and emphatically – If we want to strengthen goat based livelihoods, we will have to secure and strengthen goat traders. ” We have no identity. police harassed us at each Thana range and Naxalism prohibits us to procure goat from remote areas” ….When a trader shares his problems and troubles to continue in this trade, he perhaps talks a hardcore reality of small traders in India. As goat business had remained in hands of low educated such hard-working experienced people… has to accept disdain and apathy of mainstream for a long time. “We have never received a loan. “As goat is[…]