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Lucknow! book Bakrid goat online and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

We provide premium quality high-breed goats throughout the year.
Complete health check and incubation before delivery of each goat.
Community-based procurement system to transfer 90% cost to rural goat farmers.
We work on goat based livelihood for the upliftment of ultra-poor families.




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Pashubajaar Trained 8000+ Youth

During the Covid-19 outbreak, when everything stands still, the online delivery service of small livestock by Pashubajaar is a blessing for many.
Initiatives for livestock e-commerce has been recognized by the World Bank as well.


Depending on your choice and requirement, you can select the goat from our wide range. Whether you want Jamunapuri or Beetal; we are efficient enough to deliver you the right goat in affordable price.


Make each of your events more successful with delicious platter of mutton. No matter what number of guest you have, we are able to serve you the best breed of goat for any occasion.

Bakra Eid / Qurbani Bakra

Celebrate Bakra Eid togather with family, friends, relatives and people in need, get good quality male goat from us. Enjoy biryani, korma and many more dishes with loved ones. Read more...

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Family functions / Marriages

Our top quality goats ensure that your guests will have the best mutton in your family occasion like marriage. Read more...

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Social cause

You can buy the top quality goat for social causes and distribution from us.

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Breeding Purpose

Handpicked selection of goats for breeding purpose, keeping focuses on improving production of fiber, meat, dairy products and goatskin. Read more...

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Customer feedback after Goat purchase

Name: Amit Kumar Singh
Location: Sitapur
No. Of Goats: 30

Sirohi Goats for community distribution

ORGANIZATION: Sai Jyoti Gramodyog Samaj Sewa Samiti
Supported by: HDFC-CSR

Customer Recommendations

Recently, I have purchased goats from PashuBajaar. I was simply amazed by the quality of goats, on-time delivery. All the goats are very healthy. They are doing a tremendous job which is first of its kind in India.
I want to share my experience of ordering goats from PashuBajaar. Though I was a little skeptical initially, I was reluctant after having a discussion with them. I was surprised to get all the goats at my place. From now, I will always buy my goats from here as all the animals come with a health certificate to assure that they are healthy and disease-free.

About the company

Pashubajaar is a holding of The Nandi Nandan Breeds & seeds India Pvt. limited.

All marketing activity is handled by the marketing team of the Nandi Nandan Breeds & seeds India Pvt limited while technical support is provided by The Goat Trust team.

The following are our products -

  1. Live goat for breeding & farming
  2. Live goat for Bakra Eid, religious sacrifice
  3. Live goats as quality breed to external demand
  4. Goat meat for local demand
  5. Goat manure as packaged product for urban dwellings
  6. Goat milk soap and beauty/cosmetic products

The Marketing team acts as an enabler to provide good productivity of goat throughout the year, on the basis of live body weight & grading base estimation. This is the first company in India facilitating the live body weight sales & purchase towards building a transparent marketing system.

Our ecosystem spans Pashudhan Bank (working for micro leasing of goats with ultra-poor families), Commercial Goat farmers as well as non-commercial farmers (individual purpose)

We also help in providing productive goats to the government & non-government projects, that are especially working on goat based livelihood for uplifting ultra-poor families.

Currently we are dealing with multiple breeds; Local breed, Black Bengal, Barbari, Sirohi, Jamunapari, Betal, Osmanabadi & Gaddi