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Pashubajaar, a free Pet Classified Site to promote Indian pet market and to help farmers and breeders.

The global pet market relates to sellers (livestock farmer or breeder), and the sellers have a direct association with the buyers. That means no breeder can maturate in the market without accessing the buyers. Neither do the buyers can find what they need without a breeder. On the whole, one without the other is a nonentity. No matter whether you are a breeder/livestock farmer or a pet buyer, Pashubajaar is what paves your road to the largest pet market in India. Here you will find India’s largest community of pet sellers and buyers.

Pet breeders have a couple of choices in the market today to sell their animals. They can either opt for the traditional marketing approach or can go with a Pets classified website for online marketing, which is all-pervasive today. Online marketing gives livestock farmers an easy access to the customers, who once seemed to be out of their reach. Advertising through a free pet classified website costs you nothing, plus it gets you noticed far afield where you have no direct access. It’s, indeed, the most practical solution to extend your line of work within and outside the country. If you are looking for a free online marketing solution, post your pet ads at Pashubajaar for free. As a free pet classified in India, we target small livestock farmers who reside at some distant corners, backward areas or slum dwellings, and are cut off from the main urban market.

Operating as a free pet classified site in India, Pashubajaar is obligated under a pledge to improve the lifestyle of small livestock farmers in India. At Pashubajaar, we also aim at promoting livestock farming across the nation, helping breeders turn their small businesses into bigger entities. Once you post your pet ads at Pashubajaar, you will have a chance to take your business to another level. Now, what is this delay for? Just visit our website, post free online ads, and find an easy access to target buyers in India. Read More